Auction inventory most glamorous erotic watch

In the watch industry, erotic table is a complex process long history of signs.A professor of French computer will think, DVD largely due to the promotion and use of the sex industry for high-quality audio and video of “endless pursuit.”For this theme, the ancients imagination and persistence earlier this person not less; and Ma did not have also been mentioned in a beautifully painted with erotic figure of Emperor Kangxi wooden club bottle, depicting pornographic pictures on such pure porcelain furnishings, visible ago people do not see them as people can not obscene things; in addition, in tsarist Russia, Catherine the Great, according to legend has a salon complete with male genitalia-themed decor.

First of all to thank the Chinese profound, if the English expression, we will find the name of the table and erotic “pornographic, obscene” is the same word.But in the face of Chinese, I was born “erotic.”Or we can be “pornographic” word upside down …… Yes, once this point of view, from the erotic table on the meaning of pornography.

Table of erotic charm reflect not stop at superficial pattern, which contains endless artistic value, and since the late 17th century to suppress religious, erotic table now retained in the auction is more valuable and rare, today a selection of luxury goods to China these auctions will be the most collectible erotic table, please come with us with feelings of love and fun erotic table.

This table two years are not too long, are the works of the late 20th century, so basically win on the product phase
[Condition] three metal erotic Swiss watch, Shi Ying movement, keyless pocket watch, overall good Condition

[Evaluation] $ 1,000 – US $ 2000

[$ 2,250] price including commission

[Review] in such a price to buy two hunting case watch erotic works should still be a good choice, although the brand value and there is no place to show off, but two erotic pocket best tag heuer replica watches product phase are still quite good.Enamel art is not like now so rare in those days, but you know, save enamel dial there are some difficulties, it is known, although the rich enamel dial, but once they are improperly stored produce defect its value It will suddenly fall.
Erotic 3
Swatch Swatch piece of ancient erotic theme does not come from Europe, but the real India Kama Sutra
[Condition] Quartz, rubber strap, a thickness of 10 mm, overall good Condition

34 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 1,000 – US $ 2000

[Price including commission of $ 1410]

[Review] To be honest, erotic charm in this, if someone tells you that he used up the final sale price of 1,000 Swiss francs to buy a piece of Swatch (Swatch) watch in Antiquorum auction, you must the other will feel crazy.But if you are able to see he finally captured a piece of erotic Swatch and they will feel good value for money.Modern section of the Shi Ying watch, need not worry about any problems walking areas.
Erotic 4
French double shell design snuff bottle
[Condition] ivory, tortoiseshell, and gold-plated brass

Erotic snuff bottle is made, the overall good overview

[Evaluation] $ 1,300 to $ -2600

[Price including commission of $ 3524]

[Review] probably used to seeing our ancestors left behind a snuff bottle of people all of a sudden did not react.But this is indeed snuff bottles, snuff bottles and is the 19th-century French people use.More importantly, or erotic themes.The French seem to do a little subtle flavor in this work, because the shell snuff bottle is made of double-layer design, and not be seen from the exterior enamel paint any clues erotic.Just lady and dog theme – a little bit of a surprise emptied.However, the inner layer is completely different, purely to blossom the way.This works on the valuation is very reasonable.If you just need to play with erotic large but not put into words, this snuff bottle is a good choice.
Erotica 5
Winding keyhole biggest selling point for the 2:00 position
[Condition] FIG erotic and back lid opening, gold-plated watch case, overall good Condition

54 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 2,000 to $ -6000

[Price including commission of $ 9162]

[Review] three-year case is standard on many pocket watch, of course, to watch erotic theme, the three case has a unique advantage: the cover can be very ordinary, you can view the time after the open, while the back cover Ancangchunse.In 1800 this works is this a standard three-case design works.Micro-painted enamel dial back surface which is also better preserved, its primary winding is left in the key hole 2 o’clock position on the dial.This is an erotic theme and Micro-painted enamel coexist selling point.
Erotica 6
Unique key hole winding position 2 to 3:00 Room
[Condition] gilded case, white enamel dial, edge escapement, overall good Condition

58 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 3,000 to $ -5000

[] Price including commission of $ 22,552

[Review] it can be seen as an eccentric design of the pocket watch.Although the eccentric and now has a slightly different design of the watch.Case also uses a three-tier clamshell design.There are hollow on the inside of the lid, you can not open mainly carved cupids who will be able to see the eccentric shell dial time display.The internal universe only when completely open the lid to see the table.Of course, erotic themes.Similarly, it is likewise keyhole winding placed in the middle position of 2:00 to 3:00, and likewise the apertures in the outer table retained cover.Thus, the subject matter outside of ornamental erotic removed, its usefulness is quite strong.
Erotica 7
Case design also allows the interior of the four-story erotic scenery can be turned into three
[Condition] Austria has three hidden erotic scenes, manufactured in 1880, to draw enamel from the edge of the escapement, the overall good Condition

59 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 4,000 to $ -6000

[Price including commission of $ 73181]

[Review] can say that this is an ancient pocket watch areas more representative works.Not from the brand’s point of view, but from the design and production process.First of all, not so much simple pocket watch, but rather that there are many factors clock on the visual mix.Roman scale dial and a plus pattern of K gold micro enamel painted.Including the hour and minute hands of the clock style is full of meaning: the classical carved hollow process.There are four weeks filled with painting little angel pattern.This is indeed a close look at the dial to see the choreography as the effect of today’s grandfather clock.Of course, the case design also allows the interior of the four-story erotic scenery can be turned into three as much.If only these valuation is still not allowed to be more than 4,000 Swiss francs.In fact, this is a two asked pocket watch, that is, 15 minutes scale timekeeping function.In this way, it becomes a pocket watch erotic complex models.
Erotica 8
Erotic enamel pocket watch pocket watch in a very good save
[Condition] the watch manufactured in about 1790, having erotic and calendar functions, edge escapement

73 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 7,000 to $ -9000

[] Price including commission of $ 75,887

[Review] do not say this is a piece of erotic pocket watch.Even this arrangement to get the dial on today’s watches can also become the focus of much attention.However, non-standardized needle, and clever use of the sub-structure of the dial 3, and a central second hand 60 seconds perfect show hours, minutes, seconds, and 31 days calendar display.External case is two dignified lady holding a dove.Of course, another one is opened after the spring.1790 works, the keeping quality enamel disc is quite high.Coupled with a unique dial layout and enamel erotic figure, naturally there will be a good price.
Erotica 9
By winding head erotic pocket watch
[Condition] gold-plated material, no winding keyhole, stone 17, the linear lever escapement, blue steel Breguet

52 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 6,000 to $ -8000

[Price including commission of $ 24170]

[Review] special pocket watch made for the Russian market, and with two repeater function, 14K gold steel case, plus hunting style table table cover design.These elements make an erotic theme pocket watch in the 1890s has enough attractive places.And it is important that the watch has abandoned key winding mode, you can use directly crown at 3 o’clock rotated winding.On this point it would be a breakthrough.
Erotica 10
Save intact enamel and erotic stories
[Condition] gold-plated case, hollow gold hands, good overall condition table

50 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 7,000 to $ -9000

[Price including commission of $ 29857]

[Review] The name Breguet pocket watch and its design is quite in tune.Called “Theater of Love”, and the case is also designed to look like the theater above the concierge desk, pillars and on top of the curtain on both sides have done back cover.And a man and a woman seemed very in tune to sit on the concierge desk.And when you open the back cover can be seen after an internal spring look.Save enamel is quite good.Of course, the most valuable of the table than the lettering on the dial: Breguet.Value of the brand in this.
Erotica 11
Two asked to play spring timekeeping function
[Condition] the edge escapement, gold-plated brass case

56 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 10,000 to $ -15,000

[Price including commission of $ 42652]

[Review] not only the same mark Breguet brand, more importantly, the function also adds two asked to play spring timekeeping, not finished, look at the outside of micro-painted enamel bezel seems to be no particular place, but that is the universe of beauty.When the curtain opened the bottom of the dial, which actually hidden erotic activity dolls.Thus, combining a range of factors make this watch quite naturally have high valuations.But absolute points.
Erotica 12
Specifically for the Chinese market to create erotic table
[Condition] escapement edge, heart-shaped case, overall good Condition

52×42 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 20,000 to $ -30000

[Price including commission of $ 56870]

[Review] stored goods with quite good, the other two elements become more important selling point: the unique heart-shaped exterior design, specifically for the Chinese market the product.1780 works, three-layer case design.And the arrangement further dial the hour and minute hands and the second hand intentionally separated in two symmetrical disks.And below is the position of the barrel.Open the back cover down two erotic figure presumably was very consistent with China’s needs.
Erotica 13
Specifically for the Chinese market to build quite religious erotic table
[Condition] the machine axis escapement pointer gold, gold-plated brass case

40 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 25,000 to $ -35,000

[Price including commission of $ 65400]

[Review] specifically for the Chinese market and a custom-made products, produced in 1775.Case 18K gold material three save quite intact.Keyhole winding is placed in the desired position on the dial 4:00.More interesting place, three inside the case to ensure that there are two erotic themes enamel works, one of which is actually a human face animal body guy!Whether it is contains some kind of religious meaning in which it.
Erotica 14
Three asked pocket watch erotic activity dolls
[Condition] preserved 18K gold case, Micro-painted enamel

58 mm [diameter]

[Valuation] of $ 70,000 US dollars -90 000

[Price including commission of $ 228049]

[1810] Review of the product, production in Geneva, Switzerland.18K gold steel case and Micro-painted enamel are nearly perfectly preserved.More importantly, it is a repeater pocket watch.Although at the time, pocket watch and timekeeping product is not too difficult, but after all, for the rich two minute repeater pocket watch era, minute repeater mechanism still has its special place.Coupled with the erotic theme is the rear part of the activities of dolls, adding more of its value.
Erotica 15
Modern labor theme watches
[Condition] self-winding movement, 25 stones, the overall good Condition

38.5 mm [diameter]

[Evaluation] $ 20,000 to $ -30000

[Price including commission of $ 34122]

[Review] first of all it is a piece of 2000 with an annual output of watches, pocket watches and compared to the number of years of slightly worse, but the same, of course, is another phase of its product perfect enough.It is regarded as an independent tabulation work.Therefore, although not as What is the history, but it can be considered complete card box.And compared to those of a pocket watch works, of course, it is the theme of the picture is very modern.It would be an interesting place it – closer look at two dolls look like our own.


A watch a person to travel across time zones

A man no sense of time is the lack of charisma, the same vision of a woman is not the most pathetic.To get rid of this worldly distress, the men began to wear a watch, and women began to travel …

So, what is the real life look like?You look at the wrist, embrace the world harmony of mind, maybe you can see on his wrist on the 1st of this world — say the situation for a long time, in fact, in the world, said Table.So now you need such a small thing to help you overcome jet lag to travel.

Just travel the world a suitable time zone tables

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle

Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch, not only can show the whole time zone, but also show the world standard time difference of half an hour or 15 minutes of time zone, full time 37 time zones display!

Calibre de Cartier watch Time Zones

Cartier Calibre de Cartier introduced this year for a long time zone watch with multiple time zones differs from the traditional function of the movement, that will be placed on the city dial replica Breitling Bentley sides.You just press the switch button, you can read the time 24 when the reference area of the city.

Breitling Chronomat GMT

Breitling Chronomat GMT, in red pointer indicates the 24-hour mode a second time zone, but the conversion zone, so the hour hand gear and the local time of separation.This operation is avoided on the accuracy of the watch and timekeeping operations.

I wanted to love world is likely to be two kinds of people watch, like traveling the world romantics, and to the needs of business across different time zones realists.But in the end we have to say, this will embrace a combination of realism and romanticism ideas, really a lot.

The whole world in miniature surface, in addition to the legislation of their own local time visible at the outside, there is a circle of the world’s 24 time zones different point, when you want to focus on where in the world, then use the Quality Watch Replica tuned to your the alignment of the heart of the city, you can see it immediately points.So Shenhuqiji process if you can not take it all over the world that might actually be kind of regret.So you also need a perfect travel Raiders …

Dear Sirs, Gerald Genta like

Royal Oak and Nautilus, such as Bulgari Bulgari, Gerald Genta, which gave birth to a masterpiece.The Hirota MiyabiSusumu was the last official interview against Genta, there are some think.
The Gerald Genta watches designer there is a very special fondness.The first place I was like his design, and in addition say, the interviewer in his lifetime last official interview, because who was alone will unworthy Hirota.

Since the achievement of maestro Gerald Genta has been told in a variety of media, it does not say finely.If just add two, he brought the concept of a sense of attachment to the world of watches, the concept of “universal watch” can also be used in any situation.

Genta was told. “Clock is not Regards that could get caught in the sleeve of the shirt, “” design of the Rolex Oyster wanted worked. “To symbolize his such a thought is, the “Royal Oak” Audemars Piguet, would be “Nautilus” of Patek Philippe.To bezel sports watch Regards thick, index and the needle is thin like a dress watch.He is both a contradictory design elements, yet gave a thin case in there.Although people often say him as a genius, Genta which drew hundreds of thousands of sheets of drawings in a lifetime is, seriously Best Replica Monaco watches worked on the design, I think that was a man of genuine effort.
In the interview, he had been Hissage the Gerald Charles is the latest work.Not be said to truly himself, but its design is bizarre and strange, I did not think that the very Genta has made.Especially chronograph called “Turubo” is to get caught in the sleeves, and to tint also strange, did not seem so from the work of his later years masters.Genta has become useless, to the past of the sense heard well the other lost ── such opinion from the watch parties, was the author also agree.

However, I think suddenly recently.Gerald Genta is, whether did not dare worked on unusual design.

If continued long the designer watches, ripeness of creation will continue growing with each passing year, I think.Take the example of Emmanuel Gyue who worked on the Royal Oak Offshore as the successor of Genta, than offshore in 1993, completed a degree towards the Rolex “Cellini” was announced in 2014 is high.As a commercial designer, Gyue can say showed the correct maturity, and.However, when considered as a creator, what about wonder, I think also to at the same time that is, because I think that of Genta was “runaway” in his last.

Gerald Genta is, at the time the author was interviewed, has a villa on whether it is Nice, Best Replica Watches Mikrogirder had been even-Omotte impeccable respect from the industry.In other words, from someone else’s point of view, I had spent a perfect old age.But if he is not I did not have put up with it.Span Harley, inky Turubo of his later years was show off “Roaku hobby” behavior is, of him not to advocate you sure you want pre-established harmony beauty and shalt not, or did not was the heart because as a creator.
Many of the people to hated such a transfiguration of Genta, was also the same author.Genta has changed, I’ve been saying so each time to meet with officials.However, Genta is not has changed.I changed my intended, I’m sure, and I began to think.

It becomes personal matter, and are Matsuriage to Yara as the length even a small organization, various made to political considerations such as the need of, thrust works that let in the planned harmonized gradually life.People wonder say it “mature”.And, I wonder if there is a “Nice villa” to the end of the so was “mature”.The author from taking office to the chief editor of a small magazine, is of such a thought has crossed.

Greatness of Genta is, not in the thing that worked on Royal Oak, or did not have had to be made a Turubo in Gerald Charles inscription in his later years a matter of fact.Once, such a theory, the author the other day, was Kaichin without having to whom he watches officials.Although it was not possible to obtain an understanding, but, Genta’s a selfish belief is the author of that must to us to understand.

The still continue to change by taking the year is difficult.Genta is boldly challenged without look back a brilliant career, it was Kana “failure” play. “That which is not obtained at the end of thee is, to a great thine, “said Goethe says.Genta and the best of the work, nor Nautilus also at the Royal Oak, or was not in his own life.

Simplicity see perfect –Dufour Simplicity

Every day we know that many independent watchmakers and watch company news from the media.Some watch company’s annual sales to more than a thousand independent watchmaker watches manufactured each year only a few.Fortunately, their professional excellence of spirit so that they have their own group of loyal fans watch, they are not hungry.

philippe dufour independent watchmaker is the best examples.He lives in the Swiss Watch Valley (valle de joux), known as the “watchmaker watchmaker.”He produced only 25 watches a year, although the number is small, but only just watch boutique.
A masterpiece dufour any such duality, grande sonnerie and petite sonnerie, or his aptly named simplicity, are made to perfection, it can be described as a real timepiece art treasures. Here we look at the sold-out classic dufour’s – the simplicity. Its birth to the movement of grinding modification set a standard.
According to the traditional Best Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea watches Swiss Imitation Deep Sea With Quality. , simplicity has a classic shape 18k gold case, enamel dial with Roman numerals and three elegant hour.Watch experts usually take several years to get a philippe dufour watch.What makes collectors have such patience?One word: perfect.
To truly appreciate Dufour works have to under a magnifying glass.Because the only way to see streaks incredible accuracy, identify the master craftsman skills.


Most of the deck and watch the board are chamfered flat.Dufour movement is using a much higher degree of difficulty of the fillet.Dufour selected deck design adds to the difficulty of this i, because the curvature of the chamfer must be consistent with all the curves of the deck.
In the meantime, Dufour also hidden corners worn deck head as sharp as a knife.It is also one of the characteristics of a secret agents Seiko movement.This section of the deck entirely on the shape of ruby, and has two sharp points. The top two general points such as needle sharp.

Black polished

After the steel surface perfectly polished, as will be seen from above, black general; polished black, hence the name.Perfect black finish without any fine scratches.

Escapement wheel cover to cover can beautify black polished gem.If you put the deck perfectly polished, you can even see the back of the projector gemstone Best Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre watches Swiss Imitation Duometre With Quality. sapphire case back inner surface.

As with all luxury goods, the value of the product is in the details.Philippe Dufour person wearing the watch will be proud, because he knew that in the conservative dial has a very fine movement; this movement and the creator of the world but today’s watch art masters.