Simplicity see perfect –Dufour Simplicity

Every day we know that many independent watchmakers and watch company news from the media.Some watch company’s annual sales to more than a thousand independent watchmaker watches manufactured each year only a few.Fortunately, their professional excellence of spirit so that they have their own group of loyal fans watch, they are not hungry.

philippe dufour independent watchmaker is the best examples.He lives in the Swiss Watch Valley (valle de joux), known as the “watchmaker watchmaker.”He produced only 25 watches a year, although the number is small, but only just watch boutique.
A masterpiece dufour any such duality, grande sonnerie and petite sonnerie, or his aptly named simplicity, are made to perfection, it can be described as a real timepiece art treasures. Here we look at the sold-out classic dufour’s – the simplicity. Its birth to the movement of grinding modification set a standard.
According to the traditional Best Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea watches Swiss Imitation Deep Sea With Quality. , simplicity has a classic shape 18k gold case, enamel dial with Roman numerals and three elegant hour.Watch experts usually take several years to get a philippe dufour watch.What makes collectors have such patience?One word: perfect.
To truly appreciate Dufour works have to under a magnifying glass.Because the only way to see streaks incredible accuracy, identify the master craftsman skills.


Most of the deck and watch the board are chamfered flat.Dufour movement is using a much higher degree of difficulty of the fillet.Dufour selected deck design adds to the difficulty of this i, because the curvature of the chamfer must be consistent with all the curves of the deck.
In the meantime, Dufour also hidden corners worn deck head as sharp as a knife.It is also one of the characteristics of a secret agents Seiko movement.This section of the deck entirely on the shape of ruby, and has two sharp points. The top two general points such as needle sharp.

Black polished

After the steel surface perfectly polished, as will be seen from above, black general; polished black, hence the name.Perfect black finish without any fine scratches.

Escapement wheel cover to cover can beautify black polished gem.If you put the deck perfectly polished, you can even see the back of the projector gemstone Best Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre watches Swiss Imitation Duometre With Quality. sapphire case back inner surface.

As with all luxury goods, the value of the product is in the details.Philippe Dufour person wearing the watch will be proud, because he knew that in the conservative dial has a very fine movement; this movement and the creator of the world but today’s watch art masters.

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