Dear Sirs, Gerald Genta like

Royal Oak and Nautilus, such as Bulgari Bulgari, Gerald Genta, which gave birth to a masterpiece.The Hirota MiyabiSusumu was the last official interview against Genta, there are some think.
The Gerald Genta watches designer there is a very special fondness.The first place I was like his design, and in addition say, the interviewer in his lifetime last official interview, because who was alone will unworthy Hirota.

Since the achievement of maestro Gerald Genta has been told in a variety of media, it does not say finely.If just add two, he brought the concept of a sense of attachment to the world of watches, the concept of “universal watch” can also be used in any situation.

Genta was told. “Clock is not Regards that could get caught in the sleeve of the shirt, “” design of the Rolex Oyster wanted worked. “To symbolize his such a thought is, the “Royal Oak” Audemars Piguet, would be “Nautilus” of Patek Philippe.To bezel sports watch Regards thick, index and the needle is thin like a dress watch.He is both a contradictory design elements, yet gave a thin case in there.Although people often say him as a genius, Genta which drew hundreds of thousands of sheets of drawings in a lifetime is, seriously Best Replica Monaco watches worked on the design, I think that was a man of genuine effort.
In the interview, he had been Hissage the Gerald Charles is the latest work.Not be said to truly himself, but its design is bizarre and strange, I did not think that the very Genta has made.Especially chronograph called “Turubo” is to get caught in the sleeves, and to tint also strange, did not seem so from the work of his later years masters.Genta has become useless, to the past of the sense heard well the other lost ── such opinion from the watch parties, was the author also agree.

However, I think suddenly recently.Gerald Genta is, whether did not dare worked on unusual design.

If continued long the designer watches, ripeness of creation will continue growing with each passing year, I think.Take the example of Emmanuel Gyue who worked on the Royal Oak Offshore as the successor of Genta, than offshore in 1993, completed a degree towards the Rolex “Cellini” was announced in 2014 is high.As a commercial designer, Gyue can say showed the correct maturity, and.However, when considered as a creator, what about wonder, I think also to at the same time that is, because I think that of Genta was “runaway” in his last.

Gerald Genta is, at the time the author was interviewed, has a villa on whether it is Nice, Best Replica Watches Mikrogirder had been even-Omotte impeccable respect from the industry.In other words, from someone else’s point of view, I had spent a perfect old age.But if he is not I did not have put up with it.Span Harley, inky Turubo of his later years was show off “Roaku hobby” behavior is, of him not to advocate you sure you want pre-established harmony beauty and shalt not, or did not was the heart because as a creator.
Many of the people to hated such a transfiguration of Genta, was also the same author.Genta has changed, I’ve been saying so each time to meet with officials.However, Genta is not has changed.I changed my intended, I’m sure, and I began to think.

It becomes personal matter, and are Matsuriage to Yara as the length even a small organization, various made to political considerations such as the need of, thrust works that let in the planned harmonized gradually life.People wonder say it “mature”.And, I wonder if there is a “Nice villa” to the end of the so was “mature”.The author from taking office to the chief editor of a small magazine, is of such a thought has crossed.

Greatness of Genta is, not in the thing that worked on Royal Oak, or did not have had to be made a Turubo in Gerald Charles inscription in his later years a matter of fact.Once, such a theory, the author the other day, was Kaichin without having to whom he watches officials.Although it was not possible to obtain an understanding, but, Genta’s a selfish belief is the author of that must to us to understand.

The still continue to change by taking the year is difficult.Genta is boldly challenged without look back a brilliant career, it was Kana “failure” play. “That which is not obtained at the end of thee is, to a great thine, “said Goethe says.Genta and the best of the work, nor Nautilus also at the Royal Oak, or was not in his own life.

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